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Saturday, September 9, 2006

Sports Fans Must Listen to These Podcast

I'm a sports fan, and more specifically a fan of Soccer, Hockey, and Rugby. It's actually pretty hard to find good news about any of these sports in the states, though hockey does get more than the other two, especially in Canada. So I thought I'd give some links to some great podcast for each of these sports. If your a fan of any of these sports check them out. The RSS feeds follow the name of the show. All Shows are in no specific order.

Hockey Podcast

The Blue Line (rss); Lets Talk Hockey (rss); A Foot in the Crease (rss); Pod Hockey (rss); Too Many Men Hockey Podcast (rss); Hockey Pods (rss); Puck Podcast (rss); The Faceoff Hockey Radio Show (rss)

Rugby Podcast

the Rugby Fobcast (rss); The Dropkicks (rss); The RiotACT (rss); North American Rugby Podcast (rss); Rugby Roundtable (rss); LeagueCast (rss)

Football aka Soccer

Football Association of Ireland (rss); BBC Scottish Football (rss); EPL Talk (rss); The Beautiful Game (rss); The Premiership Podcast (rss); Soccer Shout (rss); Soccer Gossip (rss); The Treble (rss); Soccer Tunes (rss);

I hope you'll check these podcast out, and especially if you like any of these sports

Monday, August 28, 2006

Suicide Girls Burlesque Show

Suicide Girls Burlesque Show

For those of you who like hot tattooed/pierced girls who are wearing very little if any clothing I must say I have an event for you. Some of the girls from the very art-core porn site Suicide Girls (click here for a history of the site) are going to be in Seattle on September 18, 2006 at Neumos for what is sure to be enjoyable burlesque show. I can't exactly tell you which girls will be there, but what I can say is that there will be some dancing, play acting, probably a band or two, and hey nudity all for a low price of $13. And hey since the show is for 21+ you can experience this with a beer or shot.

I know that I will definately be there, and I hope to see plenty of others there also. I will most likely provide you with a review of the show also.

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

More and More Lawn Gnome News

By the naked eye a lawn gnome is but a ceramic statue or a plastic mold but they do have lives. Some people fall for them and want nothing more than to live out their life with their gnome companion. For others the lawn gnome is similar to Jesus, or Buddha, a prophet who preaches fairness and acceptance dispite differences. Though gnomes are a relatively peaceful people gnome-on-gnome crime is reaching its apex. So you want to make sure your gnome is safe and sound, this site has some tips. In the end thought lawn gnomes are an enslaved people with loved ones, lives, dreams, and hopes much like ourselves. Please check out these resources: Free the Gnomes, the National Gnome Army.

Other have already begun attempts at freeing the gnomes from slavery. the Garden Gnome Liberation Front in France has already made some progress 1, 2. Join them and others and free any and all gnomes you see.

Lawn Gnome Liberation Front

It seems the DeathMarch has found a possible ally against the slavery of lawn gnomes, the Lawn Gnome Liberation Front. Their mission statement is great and it couldn't be clearer, YOUR EITHER WITH US OR AGAINST US!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Seattle Sonics Sold!! Thank God!!!

The Seattle Sonics, along with the WNBA Seattle Storm, have been sold to an Oklahoma based group, making the move to Oklahoma City, OK inevitable. Though some are heart broken, I know very well that many others (including myself and the Lawn Gnome Death March staff) are fine with this, and in some case happy as hell about it.

Howard Schultz and the other owners of the Sonics have been the main deterrent for the NHL to start a expansion team in Seattle. With the team moving it leaves Key Arena open for business. I can only hope that the city will finance the little bit of money needed to allow the transition of Key Arena to a top NHL Arena. I, myself, am hoping to god that this happens. Seattle does have a good youth hockey program and the area also includes two teams in the Western Hockey League, including the Seattle Thunderbirds, and the Everett Silvertips. With an NHL team here imagine the fucking rivalry between the Seattle team and the Vancouver Canucks. Other possible rivals would include the Edmonton Oilers, the Calgary Flames, the San Jose Sharks, the L.A. Kings, and the Colorado Avalanche.

The rivalries would be fucking intense, and though the team would probably take a few years to become a real contender in anyway I believe hockey would do very well here. Lets just give it a chance.

Friday, March 31, 2006

FIFA World Cup 06

Well the FIFA World Cup kicks off in Germany on June 9th with Germany facing off against Costa Rica in Munich. Other venues across Germany will be hosting games.

For those of you who don't understand how the World Cup works, or how teams are choosen heres an article I found that explains. It's a little old but it still works out the same.

The 5th in the World Ranked US Mens team will take to the pitch on June 12th against 2nd in the World Ranked Czech Republic in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

Most Americans views soccer as just a sport played amongst grade-schoolers during the summer but throughout the rest of the world it is known as football and is the national sport. The World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world; no, not even the Summer Olympics are bigger. Here is an overview on who's in what group and their world rankings in (#):

Group A: Germany(22), Costa Rica(25), Poland(26), Ecuador(38)
Group B: England(9), Sweden(16), Paraguay(33), Trinidad and Tobago(49)
Group C: Argentina(4), Serbia and Montenegro(46), Netherlands(3), Côte d'Ivoire(32) (aka Ivory Coast)
Group D: Mexico(7). Portugal(10), Angola(60), Iran(19)
Group E: Italy(12), Ghana(50), USA(5), Czech Republic(2)
Group F: Brazil(1), Croatia(19), Japan(18), Australia(44)
Group G: France(8), Switzerland(35), Korea Republic(31), Togo(58)
Group H: Saudi Arabia(34), Tunisia(24), Spain(6), Ukraine(42)

Now if you've read the article I linked to about how the World Cup Works you will know that that every team in a group will play each other once. Recieving 3pts for a win, 1 for a draw (tie), and 0 for a loss. The top 2 teams from each group go on to the Round of 16. I have looked at the groups and have attempted to predict the top 2 teams of every group (I would not bet $ on this).

Here are my predictions:
Group A: Germany will take top spot, followed by Poland whose only loss will come from the German side.

Group B: Even with England in a current coaching fiasco I believe they will go on along with Sweden

Group C: Argentina will destroy the other three teams and will definately advance. I think that Côte d'Ivoire will be underestimated and will advance along side Argentina, but I think that it will be close with Netherlands and Côte d'Ivoire being separated by a mere point.

Group D: No contest here Mexico, and Portugal will advance with either one of them possessing the top spot

Group E: Now this has to be the toughest group this year! And I can't wait to see how it turns out. 2nd ranked Czech Republic will definately take this group. The real battle I believe will be between the tough Italy and US teams. Now its hard not to be biased here being an American myself, but I do think that they (the US team) will take it and advance along with Czech Republic.

Group F: Brazil, like Argentina, will dominate this group; so the real challenge here is for second. I, believe the Australians could surprise the world, and they will; but I don't think they will advance. Croatia will put up a real battle, but I believe Japan will come out on top. So my picks Brazil and Japan.

Group G: France and Switzerland will pretty much own this group with France taking top honors and Switzerland following in a close second. Korea Republic will follow closely behind Switzerland, and will give them a hardtime.

Group H: Spain will go undefeated and take top honors in this group. Now the battle for second will be the real thing. Now I think Saudi Arabia will go on to the next round, but their gonna have a hell of a time getting there with Tunisia, and Ukraine in their way. I think Saudi Arabia will come out victorious but barely.

Okay there are my predictions for the group stages. Now if everything works out the way I predicted, the round of 16 is gonna be amazing, with some great matches to be had, for instance: Germany vs. England; Argentina vs. Portugal; Sweden vs. Poland, and especially USA vs. Brazil (definately a David v. Goliath game). Now making predictions at this stage gets really difficult and nerve-racking, but heres my take:

England take out Germany to face Argentina who will beat Portugal. England will then surprise Argentina and go on to the Semi-Finals

Czech Rep take out Japan to face France who will beat Saudi Arabia. Czech Rep will beat France To face England in the Semi Finals

England will beat Czech Republic to go on to the finals


Poland will beat Sweden to face Mexico who will beat Serbia & Montenegro. Mexico will then destroy Poland to go to the Semi-Finals

Brazil narrowly beat USA to face Spain who also narrowly beats Switzerland. Brazil will again narrowly beat Spain to go to Semi-Finals vs Mexico.

Mexico will beat Brazil by 2 goals to go on to the Finals vs England


This leaves Mexico vs England in the Finals. My predictions are that Wayne Rooney gets 2 goals, along with one from Steven Gerrard. Mexico will still manage to achieve victory with overall better saves. Prediction Mexico 4 - England 3

So Mexico Wins it all this time

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

i-Tunes hates us

Apparently, we've been kicked off i-Tune's. Our further probing suggest that they removed us from their directory due to "questionable-content". I, myself, don't fully understand what is "questionable"
about our show. i-Tunes has porn on it, it has explicit-lyric
music, what the fuck? So if you happen to know anybody
who has been subscribing to our show via i-Tunes, please let
them know to check this site out or go to many of the other
podcast directories.

Actually, just do a search for us on google. Make sure
to type in lawngnomedeathmarch, no spaces

Thank You Gangsta's

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