Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Seattle Sonics Sold!! Thank God!!!

The Seattle Sonics, along with the WNBA Seattle Storm, have been sold to an Oklahoma based group, making the move to Oklahoma City, OK inevitable. Though some are heart broken, I know very well that many others (including myself and the Lawn Gnome Death March staff) are fine with this, and in some case happy as hell about it.

Howard Schultz and the other owners of the Sonics have been the main deterrent for the NHL to start a expansion team in Seattle. With the team moving it leaves Key Arena open for business. I can only hope that the city will finance the little bit of money needed to allow the transition of Key Arena to a top NHL Arena. I, myself, am hoping to god that this happens. Seattle does have a good youth hockey program and the area also includes two teams in the Western Hockey League, including the Seattle Thunderbirds, and the Everett Silvertips. With an NHL team here imagine the fucking rivalry between the Seattle team and the Vancouver Canucks. Other possible rivals would include the Edmonton Oilers, the Calgary Flames, the San Jose Sharks, the L.A. Kings, and the Colorado Avalanche.

The rivalries would be fucking intense, and though the team would probably take a few years to become a real contender in anyway I believe hockey would do very well here. Lets just give it a chance.


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