Monday, August 28, 2006

Suicide Girls Burlesque Show

Suicide Girls Burlesque Show

For those of you who like hot tattooed/pierced girls who are wearing very little if any clothing I must say I have an event for you. Some of the girls from the very art-core porn site Suicide Girls (click here for a history of the site) are going to be in Seattle on September 18, 2006 at Neumos for what is sure to be enjoyable burlesque show. I can't exactly tell you which girls will be there, but what I can say is that there will be some dancing, play acting, probably a band or two, and hey nudity all for a low price of $13. And hey since the show is for 21+ you can experience this with a beer or shot.

I know that I will definately be there, and I hope to see plenty of others there also. I will most likely provide you with a review of the show also.

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

More and More Lawn Gnome News

By the naked eye a lawn gnome is but a ceramic statue or a plastic mold but they do have lives. Some people fall for them and want nothing more than to live out their life with their gnome companion. For others the lawn gnome is similar to Jesus, or Buddha, a prophet who preaches fairness and acceptance dispite differences. Though gnomes are a relatively peaceful people gnome-on-gnome crime is reaching its apex. So you want to make sure your gnome is safe and sound, this site has some tips. In the end thought lawn gnomes are an enslaved people with loved ones, lives, dreams, and hopes much like ourselves. Please check out these resources: Free the Gnomes, the National Gnome Army.

Other have already begun attempts at freeing the gnomes from slavery. the Garden Gnome Liberation Front in France has already made some progress 1, 2. Join them and others and free any and all gnomes you see.

Lawn Gnome Liberation Front

It seems the DeathMarch has found a possible ally against the slavery of lawn gnomes, the Lawn Gnome Liberation Front. Their mission statement is great and it couldn't be clearer, YOUR EITHER WITH US OR AGAINST US!!!!!!!!

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