Saturday, September 9, 2006

Sports Fans Must Listen to These Podcast

I'm a sports fan, and more specifically a fan of Soccer, Hockey, and Rugby. It's actually pretty hard to find good news about any of these sports in the states, though hockey does get more than the other two, especially in Canada. So I thought I'd give some links to some great podcast for each of these sports. If your a fan of any of these sports check them out. The RSS feeds follow the name of the show. All Shows are in no specific order.

Hockey Podcast

The Blue Line (rss); Lets Talk Hockey (rss); A Foot in the Crease (rss); Pod Hockey (rss); Too Many Men Hockey Podcast (rss); Hockey Pods (rss); Puck Podcast (rss); The Faceoff Hockey Radio Show (rss)

Rugby Podcast

the Rugby Fobcast (rss); The Dropkicks (rss); The RiotACT (rss); North American Rugby Podcast (rss); Rugby Roundtable (rss); LeagueCast (rss)

Football aka Soccer

Football Association of Ireland (rss); BBC Scottish Football (rss); EPL Talk (rss); The Beautiful Game (rss); The Premiership Podcast (rss); Soccer Shout (rss); Soccer Gossip (rss); The Treble (rss); Soccer Tunes (rss);

I hope you'll check these podcast out, and especially if you like any of these sports


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